Local Redevelopment Authority

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The United States Department of Defense announced plans to close federally-owned military installations under the Base Realignment and Closure Act (BRAC). Included on this list was the Navy Marine Center located on Kenhorst Boulevard in the City of Reading. To address the BRAC process, a Local Redevelopment Authority was formed by the City of Reading City Council. The Reading LRA serves as the primary link between the Department of Defense, the current installation, the Reading community, and the Federal and State agencies responsible for all base closure matters. The Reading LRA's main responsibility is "identifying local redevelopment needs and preparing a redevelopment plan for the Military Department to consider in the disposal of the installation property."

Meetings: as necessary

Linda Kelleher, 610-655-6204

Created by Bill 39-2008; amended by 14-2009

Mayor/Council as noted7 Members5 Year term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Council President - 2/13/2012 5/27/2017
District 1 Councilor - Chris Daubert3/10/2014 5/27/2019
District 4 Councilor - Stratton Marmarou5/27/20088/22/20115/27/2016
Redevelopment Authority Rep - Dan Luckey1/15/2014 5/27/2019
Planning Commission Rep - Ermete Raphaelli5/27/20086/8/20125/27/2017
Mayor Rep - Maria Ballas5/27/2008 5/27/2013
Mayor Rep - Vacant   
County Administrator - Ad Hoc   


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