The City of Reading Reminds Residents of the Snow Removal Ordinances and the Importance of Helping Out Those in Need.

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February 7,2014
News Release

Reading, PA – February 7, 2014 – The snowfall and freezing rain that our area has received this winter has greatly impacted our streets and sidewalks. As we continue to have crews working on clearing roads, easing traffic and collecting trash and recycling, we ask that residents follow the rules and guidelines regarding snow removal and parking.

The City of Reading Code requires removal of snow and ice from sidewalks in, at least, a 36 inch path and 36 inches from every fire hydrant located on the property. Properties located within a business district require this to be completed within two (2) business hours of the end of the snow and ice episode. Snow and ice on all other sidewalks require removal the same day that it ends or the first four (4) hours of daylight; whichever period is longer. (Chapter 508, Subsection 202)

When shoveling snow, residents should also remember that they are not to shovel any snow or ice on or against a fire hydrant, loading or unloading area of public transportation or into the street. (Chapter 508, Subsection 205)

Also per ordinance reserving parking spaces on public right-of-way is not permitted. Although the task of shoveling a parking space may be tedious, the spaces do not belong to those who cleared them.

We also ask that the residents help us by looking out for your neighbors, particularly the elderly and disabled. We understand that snow removal is difficult, and for the elderly, disabled with serious health conditions, it becomes much more difficult.

We thank residents for their patience as we continue to work to clear the streets and provide our services. For more information on this event, submit all inquiries via email to


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