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Are you interested in serving on one of the City’s Boards, Authorities or Commissions? If so, please fill out an application form or call the City Clerk’s office at 610-655-6204 and submit it to the City Clerk’s office, located in room 2-21 in City Hall.

Some appointments are made with the approval of Council alone and some require the Mayor’s recommendation before Council approval. After the Clerk’s office receives your application, it will be forwarded to either the Mayor or to the Nominations and Appointments Committee. During the Nominations and Appointments Committee meeting, applicants are asked to come in for a brief interview. The Committee then makes recommendations to the full body of Council based on the application and interview. Council acts on those recommendations at their next business meeting.


The City of Reading has many opportunities for residents to be involved in decisions made by their local government. At this time, the City needs residents to serve on several Boards, Authorities and Commissions (BAC). Two BACs are highlighted below along with a comprehensive list of all openings on City BACs.
The City has an HVAC Board of licensed/certified profession- als in the area of HVAC who oversee the City’s regulations re- garding HVAC system installation and the licensing/ certification process. HVAC professionals in the area are en- couraged to be City residents but applicants with a business interest in the City who are not residents will also be consid- ered.
The Animal Control Board assists the City in addressing ani- mal related issues and enforces the exotic pet permit process. Interested applicants should have an understanding of animal issues in an urban environment.
The Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) works with residents of the City’s historic districts when exterior improve- ments are made to buildings. The Board ensures that the local and federal historical guidelines are followed. Interested applicants should be residents of one of the City’s historic districts or have an interest in preservation.
Current Openings:
Plumbing Board1 Opening
HVAC Board3 Openings
Zoning Hearing Board1 Opening
Police Civil Service Board1 Opening
Historical Architectural Review Board4 Openings
Board of Health1 openings + 1 alternate openings
Board of Ethics1 Opening
Building/Fire Code Board Of Appeals1 opening + 1 alternate opening
Animal Control Board5 Openings
Diversity Board1 Opening
Main Street Board4 Openings
Water Authority1 Opening
Redevelopment Authority1 Opening
Reading Housing Authority2 Openings
Downtown Improvement District1 Opening
Planning Commission2 Opening
Shade Tree Commission2 Openings
Human Relations Commission3 Opening
Blighted Property Review Committee1 Opening
Environmental Advisory Council1 Openings
All interested citizens should complete the BAC application form and return to the City Clerk’s office, 815 Washington St., Reading, PA 19601
For additional information, please call the City Clerk’s office at 610-655-6204 or email at
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