Animal Control Board

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Mission:  To promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City of Reading and to ensure the human treatment of animals by regulating the care and control of animals within the City.

Meetings:  Mid June/July & Mid Jan/Feb as needed @ 7:00 PM, City Hall Council Chambers

Liaison:  Director of Animal Rescue League

Formed October 1999. 
amended Bill 73, September 27, 2010 to include removal process.
Amended Bill 16, February 27, 2012 to increase membership to seven members and remove alternate members

Term:  Three (3) years, or until a successor is appointed.

Mayor w/Council Approval 7 members   3 Year term
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Alison Rudy - ARL Rep 11/10/2014   11/10/2017
Harry Brown - ARL Rep 11/10/2014   11/10/2017
Boyd Wagner (Vet) 5/26/2012   5/26/2012
Vacant 11/13/2000 7/27/2009 7/27/2012
Vacant 5/26/2009   5/26/2012
Dennis Straub 9/22/2008 11/10/2014 11/10/2017
Lynn Smith 5/10/2010 9/9/2013 9/09/2016
Police Chief or his designee      


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