Animal Control Board

Mission:  To promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City of Reading and to ensure the humane treatment of animals by regulating the care and control of animals within the City.

Meetings:  Mid June/July & Mid Jan/Feb as needed @ 7:00 PM, City Hall Council Chambers

Liaison:  Director of Animal Rescue League

Formed October 1999. 
amended Bill 73, September 27, 2010 to include removal process.
Amended Bill 16, February 27, 2012 to increase membership to seven members and remove alternate members

Term:  Three (3) years, or until a successor is appointed.

Mayor w/Council Approval7 members 3 Year term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Jamie Saylor - ARL Rep04/10/2017 04/10/2020
Harry Brown - ARL Rep11/10/2014 11/10/2017
Amy Crawford (Vet)12/21/2015 12/21/2018
Linda Sarangoulis05/08/2017 05/08/2020
Richard Rosato09/14/2015 09/14/2018
Dennis Straub9/22/200811/10/201411/10/2017
Police Chief or his designee   


Audit Committee

Mission: The Act 47 Recovery Plan Initiative CA 02 requires the City to establish a process for coordinating and responding to external audits. This Committee will provide independent review of the municipality’s financial reporting processes, internal and external audits, formal responses to audits and oversight of City management’s actions to achieve compliance. The Committee will ensure that City management property develops and adheres to standard operating procedures for its fiscal affairs, upholds the integrity of independent external audits and the objectivity and comprehensiveness of internal audits.

Created by Ordinance 49-201, May 14, 2012

Liaison:  City Auditor, 610-655-6123

Council5 Members3 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
City Auditor - David Cituk, Chair   
City Clerk - Linda Kelleher   
Council Finance Chair - Donna Reed & Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz   
Admin Services Dir   
Citizen Rep - Wesley Zimmerman04/11/2016 04/11/2019


Blighted Property Review Committee

The Blighted Property Review Committee is a recreation of the Vacant Property Committee, which was once used by the City to rehabilitate vacant and blighted properties in Reading.  The Vacant Property Committee was composed of City staff.  The Blighted Property Review Committee is composed of representatives from City Council, the Planning Commission, and the Redevelopment Authority along with two at large citizens and a member representing the Mayor.
The Blighted Property Review Committee began by completing a project to identify and rate the blighted properties across Reading.  Approximately 1400 properties were identified.  Annually the Committee reviews the Blighted Property Map to identify individual blighted properties along with a target neighborhood and target area.  Property owners are contacted to arrange an inspection and are given an opportunity to renovate or turn the property over for demolition.  At time when property owners fail to respond to the notices, their properties enter into the eminent domain process through the Reading Redevelopment Authority, which takes 12-18 months.
The Blighted Property Review Committee has partnered with Our City Reading, Neighborhood Housing Services, Habitat for Humanity and the County ADD program (through the County Community Development Office) to assist with rehabilitation projects and demolition for neighborhood reuse.

Mission: To implement provisions of the Urban Redevelopment Law of 1945, as amended by Act 94 of 1978, further amended by Act 113 of 2002, promoting reuse and reinvestment in properties in the City of Reading.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of the month at 6pm in Council Chambers

Created by Ordinance 65-2006, amended Bill 49, August 9, 2010 to include a removal process, amended Bill 62, August 23, 2010 to change term to four years.

Liaison: Linda Kelleher, 610-655-6204

Click here for information regarding the Blighted Property Review Process


Mayor w/Council Approval7 members 4 year term 
Donna Reed, Council Rep12/09/2013  12/09/2017
Wayne Jonas Bealer, Planning Rep02/20/2007 04/19/200904/14/2011
Dan Luckey, Redevelopment Rep04/01/2009   
Heminton Urena11/13/2007 07/27/201507/27/2018
Mary Wolfe11/13/2007 02/13/201702/13/2021
Lee Olson05/14/2007 05/09/201605/09/2020
Nicholas Eyrich11/10/2014  11/10/2018


Board of Ethics

Mission: To administer and enforce the conflict of interest provision of the Charter (Section 1201) and the various prohibition sections of the Charter and the Code of Ethics.

Meetings:  as Necessary

Liaison:  Shelly Katzenmoyer, Secretary, 610-655-6205

Created by Section 1201 of the Home Rule Charter for the City of Reading.,
amended as Bill No. 7, May 8, 2000, city residents,
amended Bill 74, September 27, 2010 to include a removal process.

Term:  Three (3) years

Mayor w/Council Approval5 Members3 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Jeffrey Darlington12/22/20039/09/201309/09/2016
Melissa Eggert9/10/20128/28/201708/28/2020
Joseph L. Amprey4/26/20046/22/201506/22/2018


Board of Health

Mission: The Board is responsible for abating or removing all conditions found by it to be detrimental to the public health. These conditions include those that the spread of infectious or contagious disease and/or any other nuisance (as determined by law) deemed prejudiced to the public health.

Meetings:  1st Tuesday of every other Month begining in February @ 4:00 PM, Penn Room

Liaison:  Council Staff, 610-655-6205

Bill No. 36-96, November 12, 1996 (Administrative Code and 53 PA C.S. 37301 and 37302 5 members, City residents, 1 member from the health field (preference to a physician),
Bill No. 39-2004 amendment to add 2 alternate members,
Bill No. 39-2006 Re-establishing membership qualifications,
Amended Bill 58, August 23, 2010 to include removal process

Term:  At the first appointment Council shall designate one (1) of the members to serve for one (1) year, one (1) for two (2) years, one (1) for three years, one (1) for four (4) years and one (1) for five (5) years, from January 1, 2006 and thereafter one (1) member of the said board shall be appointed annually to serve for term of five (5) years from January 1 succeeding his appointment

Council5 Members5 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
John Dethoff2/13/2012 12/31/2017
Georgina Nasr04/10/2017 12/31/2022
Kathy Schorn3/11/2013 12/31/2018
Robert Hospidor2/11/2013 12/31/2018
JoAnna Seidel3/11/2013 12/31/2018


Building and Fire Code Board of Appeals

Mission: To hear and decide appeals as a result of the determination of the Fire Marshall on building codes.

Meetings:  As Needed

Liaison:  Trades Official, 610-655-6284

Bill No. 16-98, and appointment by Resolution No. 64-97, according to Building Codes and the National Fire Prevention Code,
Amended Bill No. 15-1998.
Amended Bill 71 and 72, September 27, 2010 to include a removal process

Term:  One (1) for five (5) years, one (1) for four (4) years, one (1) for three (3) years, two (2) for two (2) years and one (1) for two (2) years. There after, each new member shall serve for five (5) years or until a successor has been appointed.

Mayor w/Council Approval5 Members2 Alternates5 Year Term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Dennis Baver9/10/20073/11/201312/31/2017
Michael Kautter2/8/20101/12/201512/31/2020
John Hill9/10/20072/11/201312/31/2017
Thomas Lynam7/24/20003/28/201612/31/2020
David Hollinger3/12/2012 12/31/2017


Charter Board

The City of Reading Charter Board was created by the first amendment to the Home Rule Charter. Amendment I, approved overwhelmingly by voters during the November 2002 election, reinforced the Charter as the governing law of Reading, and created a five member Board to serve city residents.

Mission: To enforce the provisions of the Home Rule Charter of the City of Reading.

Meetings:  1st and 3rd Tuesdays @ 7 pm, Penn Room
Formed January 2004.
amended Bill 59 August 23, 2010 to include a removal process

Term: Five (5) years, with the exception of the four (4) original members who shall hold terms of 1, 2, 3 and 4 years respectively

Mayor w/Council Approval5 Members 5 Year Term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
James Fegley - Chair10/14/201303/27/20174/26/2022
Elizabeth Stanley12/13/200405/26/20154/26/2018
Theresa Twine06/26/2017 4/26/2022
Thomas Anewalt07/08/2013 4/26/2018


Charter Review Commission

At least every ten (10) years, City Council and the Mayor shall appoint a Charter Review Commission composed of eleven (11) members, the majority of whom shall not be City officials or employees.  Seven (7) members of this Commission shall be appointed by City Council and four (4) members shall be appointed by the Mayor.  All appointees shall be current residents and registered voters of the City.  
The Charter Review Commission shall review the current Charter, submit a report to City Council, the Mayor, and the citizens of the City, within six months of its appointment, and recommend any proposed amendments to the Charter.  All proposed amendments shall be placed on the ballot no later than the next municipal election.  City Council shall provide appropriations for the reasonable expenses incurred by the Charter Review Commission.
The Commission commenced work on July 24, 2013 and must complete its work by January 24, 2014 (six months). The Commission is desirous of receiving maximum citizen input. To that end, a survey has been designed to allow you or your organization to submit comments.  A copy of the survey can be found here.
Chairperson Rosemary Frank-Vitale 
Vice Chairperson Ann Sheehan 
Secretary City Auditor David Cituk 
District 5 Councilor - Donna Reed 
District 2 Councilor Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz 
Frank Denbowski 
Carl Geffkin 
Mayor Vaughn Spencer 
Mike Reese 
John Slifko 
Thomas Anewalt 

City Diversity Board

Meetings: 3rd Thursday of Jan, April, July, Oct at 3pm in the Penn Room

Formed July 2007,
amended 3-8-10 by Ordinance 6-2010
amended Bill 68, September 13, 2010 to include a removal process
amended Bill 41-A-2011 to decrease the membership to 9 members, 
amended Bill 7-2013, February 11,2013 amending membership

Term: three year staggered terms

Council9 Members 3 Year Term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Council Rep - Brian Twyman   
Managing Director   
HR Manager   
Human Relations Commission Exec Dir   
Citizen - Wynton Butler12/09/201301/09/201701/09/2020
Citizen - Carissa Johnson04/14/2014 04/14/2017
NAACP Rep - Vacant   
Reputable Reading Hispanic Org Rep - Vacant   


Code And License Appeals Board

Mission: To hear and decide matters regarding the revocation of business licenses, appeals of the Property Maintenance Code, Solid Waste Code, Housing Code, and Vending Machine Code.

Meetings:  As Necessary

Mayor appoints member of business community (and alternate), others by Council
created Bill No. 102-2014, December 22, 2014

Term:  3 year staggered terms

 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Administrative Services Director   
Councilperson from affected City District   
Pam Cianciosi - Resident at Large02/23/2015 02/23/2018
Barbara Waller - Community Group Representative05/11/2015 05/11/2018
Business Community Representative   
Resident at Large   
Community Group Representative   


Electricians' Examining Board

Mission: To determine the fitness of applicants for licenses and to investigate and report on all proposed suspensions or revocations of licenses, and to administer test and investigate complaints against license holders.

Meetings:  Quarterly - February, June, August, December @ 4:30 p.m. Electrical Inspector's Office

Liaison:  Timothy Waldman, Elec Insp - 610 655 6109

Bill No. 35, September 15, 1954,
amended Bill No. 7, February 11, 1976,
amended Bill No. 81, October 8, 1986,
amended by Bill No. 10, July 31, 1999
amended Bill 50 August 9, 2010 to include a removal process.

Term:  The members of this Board shall serve for a term of six (6) years. In the event of a failure to appoint a successor after the expiration of any member's term, such member shall continue to serve until successors are appointed.

Council7 Members6 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Timothy Waldman (City Electrical Inspector) Liaison 
Todd A. Rathman3/22/199910/14/201310/1/2019
Timothy Pelter3/12/2012 10/1/2018
Jose Delfi1/09/2017 10/1/2023
Geoffrey Litwin, Chair10/9/200612/10/201210/1/2018
Mark Pinkasavage3/22/199909/26/201610/1/2022
Terry L. Withers3/8/199901/09/201210/1/2018


Environmental Advisory Council

Mission: The EAC dually organized under these bylaws shall have the power to study environmental and sustainability issues at the request of City Council and make recommendations to Council on those issues. The EAC will work with City Council in an advisory capacity in an effort to help Council analyze environmental and sustainability issues and, when appropriate, issue recommendations on courses of action necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of Berks County.

Meetings: 4th Tuesday at noon in the Public Works Building. No July meeting - June, August, September meetings held at Pendora Park

Formed April 2007,
amended Bill 67, September 13, 2010 to include a removal process

Term: three year staggered terms

Council7 Members 3 Year Term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Cathy Curran-Myers - Chair05/13/201305/08/201705/08/2019
Chris Kern06/13/2016 06/13/2019
Ann Sellers10/24/2016 10/24/2019
Andrew Molteni03/23/200905/11/201505/11/2018
David Beane04/12/201006/10/201306/10/2016
John Slifko, Council Rep   
Deb Hoag, Environmental Division Mgr   


Fire Civil Service Board

Mission: To test for and compile initial hiring and promotion lists for the Fire Bureau.

Meetings:  3nd Tuesday of the Month @ 3 PM Fire Training Center

Liaison:  Steve Price, Solicitor, 610-376-1515

No. 233, May 7, 1969 (for appointment to and promotion in paid Fire Department Res.)

Term: Four years or until their successoris elected and qualified.

Council3 Members4 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Craig Breneiser9/9/2013 9/9/2017
Michael Leifer6/11/201206/27/201606/27/2020
Phillip Lynn Dougherty (Chair)11/24/199310/11/201010/11/2014


Firemen's Pension Fund Board

Meetings:  3rd Friday of the Month @ 10 AM Penn Room

 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Administrative Services Director   
Fire Chief   
Quentin Englehart   
Merlin Planer   


Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB)


The Historical Architectural Review Board (HARB) is an advisory citizen group composed of volunteer professionals and residents committed to preserving historic architectural features and structures within the historic and conservation districts of Reading. The HARB exercises the functions, duties, responsibilities, and activities set forth in the City of Reading Historic and Conservation Districts Ordinance. The HARB must approve proposed exterior changes to properties or buildings within historic and conservation districts prior to completion of the work. In-kind restoration of existing features may be approved by the Preservation Officer. Each change is assessed to ensure that it will enhance or preserve the historic architecture of a property and neighborhood, as well as prevent the loss of character defining features, in accordance with the US Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings (Chapter 295), Construction Codes (Chapter 180), and by any policies or guidelines adopted by the Board or the City of Reading. Architectural changes include any new construction, demolition, additions, exterior renovations, and signage that are visible from public rights-of-way such as streets and alleys. The HARB also provides advisory assistance and resources to City staff and residents.

The Board is composed of 9 members, appointed by City Council; one of whom is a registered architect, one a licensed real estate broker, one a person with knowledge of the building trades, one who is either a resident of or owner of property within the Callowhill Historic District, one who is either a resident of or owner of property within the Prince Historic District, one who is either a resident of or owner of property in the Centre Park Historic District, one who is either a resident of or owner of property within the Penn's Common Historic District, one who is either a resident of or owner of property within the Heights Conservation District, and one who has knowledge of or interest in the preservation of historic buildings and districts.

Historic Architectural Review Boards were authorized in Pennsylvania by the “Historic District Act,” Generally Assembly #167 of 1961, amended 1963. Refer to the About the Districts section to see if your property is within one of these districts and therefore requires approval from the City of Reading HARB for any exterior alterations.

Meetings: They are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the Penn Room, City Hall Meetings and Agendas
Liaison: Amy Johnson, Historic Preservation Specialist, 610-655-6414

Bill No. 33, October 25, 1978 (7 members), amended Bill No. 18, May 5, 1982 (9 members), amended Bill No. 35, October 7, 1982, amended as Bill No. 35, December 13, 1999. (11 members), amended Bill 57, August 23, 2010 to include a removal process, amended Bill 29-2015, June 22, 2015 decreasing the membership to 9.

Term:  The terms of members shall be fixed so that no more than four terms shall expire during the same calendar year.  Upon the expiration of the term of any member, a  successor shall be appointed to serve for a term of three (3) years.
Appointed by City Council9 Members 5 Year Term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Architect - Aaron Booth09/28/200906/12/201706/12/2022
Prince - Cynthia Ann LaSota03/9/199405/12/201405/12/2019
Centre Park - Sean Devine02/23/2015 02/23/2020
At Large - vacant   
Real Estate Broker - vacant   
College Heights - Erin Weller - Chair06/11/201207/24/201707/24/2022
Callowhill - vacant   
Penn's Commons - vacant   
Trades Professional - vacant  

Term: The terms of members shall be fixed so that no more than four terms shall expire during the same calendar year. Upon the expiration of the term of any member, a successor shall be appointed to serve for a term of three (3) years.


Housing Board of Appeals

Mission: To serve as the Board of Appeals for decisions made regarding the conduct of renters and/or rental licenses.

Meetings:  as necessary

Mayor appointed, Council approval except Council representative, who is appointed by the Council President.

Amended Bill 64, September 13, 2010 to include a removal process

Term:  Shall serve a term of not more than three (3) years from the time of appointment or reappointment or until his/her successor shall take office. Members and alternates of the initial board shall be appointed to staggered terms of one (1), two (2) and three (3) years.

 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Managing Director   
Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz, Council Rep   
Codes Enforcement Officer   
Chief of Police   
Russell Manbeck1/14/20085/10/20105/10/2013
John Hefferon1/14/20082/14/20111/14/2014
Opening - Community Group Member   


Human Relations Commission

Location: Room 1-21

There are eight human relations commissioners that are appointed by the Mayor of Reading, PA. Those selected must be residents of the City of Reading and serve a four year term. The commissioners take an active part in enforcing the laws. Under article 155 of the City ordinance.

155.04 Human Relations Commission

155.05 Powers and Duties of Commission

Meetings:  2nd Wednesday of Month@ 6:00 PM, City Hall, Human Relations Commission Office. 


Liaison:  Kim Talbot, HRC Coordinator, 610-655-6141


Mayor w/Council Approval7 members 4 year term 
Stacey Taylor04/10/2017  02/14/2021
Richard Spangler11/24/2014  02/14/2018
Richard Wagner01/12/2015  02/14/2018
Valerie Phelps-Robinson04/09/2012 05/09/201602/14/2020
Kathryn Amaker02/13/2006 01/10/201102/13/2014
Lisa Blount02/13/2006 06/09/201402/14/2018
Zelda Yoder08/10/2015  02/14/2019


Library Board of Trustees

Mission: To serve all residents of the City of Reading, and the County of Berks byprovidinghigh demand library materials (fiction & nonfiction) in a variety of formats:needed resources for life long learning, the needs of elementary and high schoolstudents, current information, and a strong support for culture and local history.

Meetings:  3rd Monday of the month @ 4:30PM, 113 South 4th St.

Liaison:  Vicki Fuller - Reading Public Library Administrative Coordinator - 610-655-6365

Deeded to City of Reading February 23, 1899, Library controlled and managed by a Board of 15, 5 appointed by City, 5 appointed by County, 5 appointed by Reading Library Co.

Term: City, County, and Library representative terms shall expire one per year

Council16 Members5 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Mayor (Ex Officio) Ex-Officio 
Dennis Skayhan (City)05/08/2017 12/31/2022
Toni Albert (City)8/12/2013 12/31/2017
Michel Micozzi (City)04/11/2016 12/31/2021
Paul J. Hoh (City)7/28/200312/12/201612/31/2022
Osmer Deming (City)11/24/2014 12/31/2019
Maureen Dolan (Library)1/1/2015 12/31/2019
Johanny Cepeda (Library)1/1/2013 12/31/2017
Stephanie Towles  (Library)6/1/201111/22/201612/31/2019
Zelda Yoder (Library)11/22/2016 12/31/2018
Hillary Saylor (Library)1/1/2016 12/31/2018
Alan Carman (County)5/26/2016 12/31/2021
Colin Waszkiewicz (County)2/27/2014 12/31/2018
Nancy Campbell (County)5/01/201410/02/201412/31/2019
Greg Knies (County)6/7/2007 12/31/2017
Renee Dietrich (County)10/30/2014 12/31/2019


Main Street Board

Mission: The purposes of the Reading Main Street Program are to

  • Promote a sense of community and unified purpose;
  • Assure the historic continuity of the City’s architectural heritage;
  • Improve the image and perception of the City to residents and visitors; and
  • Strengthen economic rejuvenation of property and commerce to the benefit of all.

Meetings:  Meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 3:30 pm at the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce


Ordinance 95-2010 - November 22, 2010; amended to 7 members Ordinance 78-2014 - October 27, 2014

Term: 3 year

Mayor/Council7 members 3 year term
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
David Farrar05/26/2015 12/31/2018
Brian Fichthorn01/10/201102/27/201712/31/2019
John Kramer06/10/201301/09/201712/31/2019
Sean Moretti06/11/201204/25/201612/31/2018


Mechanical Examiners Board

Mission: To insure public health, safety and welfare insofar as, they are affectedby the installation and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Meetings  Quarterly February, June, August, December @ 4:00 p.m. HVAC Inspector's Office

Liason Kim Brautigan, Mechanical Inspector, 610-655-6110

Bill No.38, November 24, 1971, amended Bill No. 80, October 8, 1986, amended Bill No. 31-99, November 22, 1999, amended by No. 25-02, June 15, 2002. amended Bill 56, August 23, 2010 to include a removal process

Term: The appointed members of the Board shall serve for a term of six (6) years in such a manner of original appointment that the term of two (2) members shall expire in December 31of year one, the term of two(2) members shall expire December 31 of year two (2), the term of one (1) member shall expire December 31 of year four, the term of one (1) member shall expire December 31 of year five, the term of one member shall expire December 31 of year six. Members not attending meetings for one (1) year shall be deemed inactive and their membership shall be terminated.

Council9 Members6 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Kim Brautigan (City HVAC Inspector) Liaison 
Mark Feeney5/22/200610/26/200912/31/2015
Craig Weisman1/10/201102/13/201712/31/2022
James Bickel6/15/19993/25/200512/31/2009
Timothy Strunk8/9/200401/25/201612/31/2022
Ryck D. Spengler12/14/19982/13/200612/31/2010
Jeff George12/14/19983/12/201212/31/2017
Dennis Hain (Resigned)10/8/19861/11/199912/31/2012
Anthony B. Spadafora4/26/20042/24/201412/31/2019
Allen Franks3/8/19999/11/200612/31/2014


Officers And Employees Pension Board

Meetings:  3rd Wednesday of the Month @ 1:30 PM Penn Room

 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Wally Scott   
David Cituk   
Jack Linton (solicitor)   
Steve Karnat   
Vicki Hoffman   
Lester Kissinger Jr   
Josephina Encarnacion   


Planning Commission

Mission: Developing regional planning programs that help to interrelate and coordinate planning of individual municipalities.

Meetings: 2nd Tues of the month 6:00 p.m. in the Penn Room

Liaison: City Planner, 610-655-6413

Resolution No. 320, June 6, 1973. Ordinance 104-2010, December 13, 2010 reducing the number of members to 5

Term: no more than 2 expirations per calendar year

Mayor w/Council Approval5 Members4 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Wayne Jonas Bealer7/28/200306/23/20144/1/2018
William Cinfici10/27/201412/12/20164/1/2020
Ermete Raffaelli, V.A.D.3/22/200410/08/20124/1/2016


Plumbing Board of Examiners

Mission: To establish reasonable rules and regulations (code) and to examine applicants for competency license.

Meetings:  Quarterly March, June, August, December @ 4:00 p.m. in the Codes Office

Liason:  Jay Montgomery, Plumbing Inspector 610-655-6312

Bill No. 3, January 28, 1976, amended Bill No. 3, February 21, 1979, amended Bill No. 101-94 (6 Master Plumbers and Plumbing Inspector)., Bill No. 15-2001, April 24, 2001 amended Bill 51, August 9, 2010 to include a removal process

Term: The appointed members of the Board shall serve for a term of six (6) years in such a manner of original appointment that the terms of three (3) members shall expire December 31 of year one and the terms of the other four (4) members shall expire December 31 of year three

Mayor w/Council Approval7 Members6 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Jay Montgomery (Chief Plumbing Inspector) Liaison 
Barry Unger (Master Plumber)2/14/2011 12/31/2017
William J. Gernert (Master Plumber)2/21/19794/11/201112/31/2016
Steve Fisher8/10/19983/28/201612/31/2021
Robert Fegley1/26/200908/08/201612/31/2022
Brian Miller2/24/2014 12/31/2019
Chad Spohn11/28/20053/12/201212/31/2017
Steven Symons9/13/2010 12/31/2016


Police Civil Service Board

Mission: To test for and compile initial hiring and promotion lists for Police Bureau.

Meetings: 1st Thursday of the Month @ 12 PM Penn Room

Liaison:  Steve Price, Solicitor, 610-376-1515

For appointment to any position in the Police Department.

Term: 1 expiration per year

Council3 Members4 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Edwin Stock05/09/201106/08/201506/08/2019
Pamela Johnson08/10/2015 08/10/2019
Elsayed Elmarzouky07/11/201108/10/201508/10/2019


Police Pension Fund Board

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of the Month @ 9:30 AM 3rd Floor Conference Room

 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Administrative Services Director   
Police Chief   
Bruce Monteiro   
Craig Christman - Retiree Rep   


Recreation Commission

Mission: To provide a mechanism to adequately and efficiently maintain community recreation services and facilities and to organize, manage and supervise recreational and educational programs, with a primary focus and emphasis on programs for youth, within the political boundaries of the City and the School District.

Created by Ordinance 33-2011
Intergovernmental agreement between the City of Reading and Reading School District

Mayor w/Council Approval11 Members3 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
School Board Member - David McCoy11/01/2015  
School Board Member - Eddie Moran12/02/2013  
School Bd Community Member - Robert Heebner01/01/2016 12/31/2018
School Bd Community Member - Joe Kelleher01/01/2016 12/31/2016
School District Admin Staff - Chris Celmer   
City Council Member - Chris Daubert01/13/201401/27/2016 
City Council Member - Marcia Goodman-Hinnershitz09/24/201101/27/2016 
City Community Member - Vacant   
City Community Member - Vacant   
City Admin Staff01/13/201403/01/2016 
Joint Community Member - Donald Taddei04/9/201201/01/201512/31/2017




Shade Tree Commission

Mission: The regulation, maintenance and promotion of shade trees in the City of Reading.

Meetings: 3rd Thursday - @ 6 p.m. Public Works Center

Liaison:  Public Works Operations Division Manager, 610-655-6027

Bill No. 42, September 12, 1973, amended Bill No. 8, February 18, 1976, increase number to seven, amend Bill 35, July 26, 2010 to include removal process. amend Bill 26, June 13, 2011 reducing the membership to 5
Term: 2 expirations per year

Mayor w/Council5 Members5 Year Term 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Thomas Ryan06/26/2006 06/26/2022
David Moodhart10/9/200602/13/201708/31/2021
Kelly Christman09/12/2011 08/31/2016
Robert Reimer01/24/200509/08/201408/31/2019


Stadium Commission

Mission: To promote the City of Reading and baseball, to be a liaison between the Reading Phillies and the City of Reading and to meet with other organizations who are interested in renting the stadium for charitable or profitable events.

Meetings: Last Wednesday of the Jan, March, June, Oct Stadium RBI Rm July, Aug Penn Room 7 pm

Liaison:  Scott Hunsicker 610-375-8469

City Liaison: 

Bill No. 23, August 19, 1953 amended Bill 36, July 26, 2010 to include removal process.
Term: 2 expirations occuring every 2 years

Mayor w/Council Approval9 Members5 Years 
 Date AppointedDate ReappointedTerm Expiration
Troy Stricker6/27/201110/13/20148/18/2019
Rick Mountz5/13/2013 8/18/2018
Rick Denunzio8/12/2013 8/18/2018
Kevin Graybill4/13/2015 8/18/2020
Annarose Ingarra-Milch4/13/2015 8/18/2020
Stratton Marmarou5/23/2016 1/1/2018


Zoning Hearing Board

Mission: To establish a precise and detailed plan for the use of land in the City of Reading and is enacted to promote and to protect the public health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience, and general welfare of the people in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act of 1968, P.L. 805, No. 247, as reenacted and amended, and to implement and foster the land development and use policies indicated in the adopted City of Reading Comprehensive Plan.

Meetings:  2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 5:30 in Council Chambers

Liaison:  Craig Peiffer, 610-655-6326

Bill No. 7, February 6, 1957, Bill 49, November 10, 1971, Bill No. 21-81, May 27, 1981 (increased number to 5). Bill 19, June 25, 2001

Term: One expiration per year January 1

Council 5 Members at least 1 but no more than 3 Alternates 5 Year Term
  Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expiration
Philip Rabena - chair 1/13/1987 2/11/2013 01/01/2018
Jeffrey Gattone 12/22/2008 2/11/2013 01/01/2018
Jared Barcz 9/09/2013 3/24/2014 01/01/2019
Thomas A. Fox 9/13/2004 3/24/2014 01/01/2019
William Harst 1/10/2011 07/27/2015 01/01/2020
Matthew Griffith 2/14/2011   01/01/2016